Vue.js and Node.js developer

Vue.js and Node.js developer

SiMedia is a South Tyrolean (IT) company mostly operating in the touristic sector. We provide 360° services ranging from websites, marketing, tourism portals all the way to software, widgets and tools specifically for the touristic sector. We’re a team of almost 40 individuals operating in different areas of the company and a team of 3 developers, which also opens up the possibility for new applicants to help us form the future of the development department and tool landscape.

Our SiMedia HQ in Niederdorf (IT)

Over the past years we’ve built a huge ecosystem of tools, widgets and software. A few months ago we created a new platform from the ground up based on a modern tech stack (see below) in order to be more flexible in terms of scaling and faster in deploying new features and fixes.

Right now we’re looking for a developer (frontend and backend) to help us speed up the development, actively participate in the product development lifecycle, create new tools and widgets from the ground up, test them in the wild, react to customer feedback and improve them.

On the frontend you’ll be mostly working with TypeScript + Vue.js (Version 3, yes we’ve already migrated everything, woohoo. Most things have been written with the new Composition API), REST and GraphQL. On the backend we’re working with TypeScript + Node.js (Version 16), Docker, PostgreSQL and TypeORM. Everything is deployed on AWS (ECS, Lambda, S3) and built with security, scalability and future maintenance in mind.

Even if you think your skills don’t match 100% with the below requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out to us so we can get in touch and talk about alternative possibilities.


  • Deep understanding of JavaScript, it’s caveats and shortcomings
  • Security awareness (did someone say XSS or CSRF?)
  • An inner desire to try out new technologies, stay up-to-date with the latest news about the used technology
  • Working independently on a given task is not an issue for you
  • You’re able to express yourself well in English or German
  • TypeScript is omnipresent on the backend and on the frontend
  • Vue.js is used in 99.9% of our widgets and frontend applications
  • REST and GraphQL are used for communication between frontend/widgets and the backend
  • SQL – We won’t ask you to be an absolute pro for everything SQL-related, but you should have knowledge about basic CRUD (create, read, update, delete) SQL commands, JOIN-clauses, indices and the most basic basic security measurements.

Nice to have:

  • TypeORM is an Object Relational Mapper to help us keep consistency between our data models in our code and the actual data inside the database by handling most aspects of the queries and allowing us to properly infer TypeScript types
  • AWS is our main deployment platform. Knowledge in this area is not required, but beneficial nonetheless
  • Being able to work from start to finish (conception, research, development, maintenance) is not a requirement but highly appreciated. We’re always here to help out on every single stage.
  • Nuxt.js is currently not actively in use but will be part of the stack in the near future

What you can expect:

  • Remote-Option: we’d love to see you in our HQ in Niederdorf/Villabassa (IT) every now and then but are also open to completely remote applicants (within the EU)
  • Flexible work-hours: you won’t have to be at the the office or online from 9 to 5. You only have to be present within the core hours to be able to have essential meetings or communicate in a timely manner
  • Learning resources: Whether you prefer going to conferences or watching online video courses, we got you covered with an annual formation budget.
  • Team events: Each year we organize a few team events to spend time together, talk to coworkers you don’t see every day and have some drinks together
  • Want to participate at a Hackathon? No problem. We're actively participating in local Hackathons, either as sponsors/mentors or as participants

How to get in touch:

If you want to have a chat before submitting your application, feel free to contact Ivan Sieder (Tech-Lead @ SiMedia) on Twitter or LinkedIn (Direct Messages are open)

To submit your application you can send an eMail directly to Please include information about yourself, your work experience, hard- and soft.

Not a requirement, but definitely a nice to have: Add a personal touch to your application with a short video on Loom where you could talk about the above information or what's your motivation to apply for this position.